Design Miami/ Announces Gallery and Curio Highlights for 2023 Edition

  • Over 40 gallery and Curio presentations respond to the curatorial theme: Where We Stand
  • Over 20 brand collaborations including with Maestro Dobel, Birkenstock, Kohler and Audi
  • Adrian Sassoon (London) and Sarah Myerscough Gallery (London) will place a spotlight on our shared environment
  • Moderne Gallery (Philadelphia) will present an exhibition devoted to 20th century historic designs in conversation with 21st century contemporary works
  • Human connection is celebrated by debut Curios Marta (Los Angeles) and Victoria Yakusha (Kyiv and Brussels)

09 November, Miami - The nineteenth edition of Design Miami/ returns this December 6 - 10, with Preview Day on December 5, welcoming over 40 gallery and Curio presentations and over 20 brand collaborations. With this year’s curatorial theme, Where We Stand, Design Miami/ is pleased to announce a selection of preview highlights.

Grela Orihuela, Senior VP of Fairs says, “We are delighted to return to Miami Beach for the 19th edition of Design Miami/. The chosen curatorial theme, Where We Stand, is a reflection on place and purpose and a celebration of design, heritage, and community; and this year’s gallery and Curio presentations will truly capture this sentiment. Through an array of exceptional designs - both historic and contemporary - and thought-provoking exhibition concepts, Design Miami/ 2023 will once again reconvene as the global forum for design.”
Anna Carnick, Curatorial Director, says, “I am honored to serve as Curatorial Director for this year’s Design Miami/. The fair has always been a platform for inspiring, creative exchange, and this year’s edition continues that beautiful legacy. I chose the theme, Where We Stand, not only to spotlight the role design plays in reflecting and responding to the world around us, but also as an invitation to consider how it might help us navigate this complex, far too often divided moment. Design can be a powerful tool for storytelling—and stories allow us to access one another’s humanity. In celebrating objects from around the globe inspired by narratives of place, community, and heritage—sources we all refer to for strength, clarity and purpose—I hope this year’s Design Miami/ will spark thoughtful conversations about the ties that bind us ​ and how they might inform our paths forward.”

This year’s edition will welcome a series of engaging exhibitions, all of which respond to the curatorial theme in unique and thought provoking ways. From this year’s selection of works, a number of key thematic threads emerge: 

Gallery & Curio Highlights/

At the crux of Where We Stand is the importance of honoring and nurturing human connection - as told through objects that reflect an array of experiences from around the globe. The significance of this takes center stage in many galleries’ presentations.

Ukrainian artist and designer Victoria Yakusha returns to the Design Miami/ Curio program to present a new limited-edition collection titled The Land of Light. To create the works, Yakusha turned to the ancient Ukrainian craft, yalkuvannya, a technique typically used for wall finishing. Each piece was made from the live material, ZTISTA - a sustainable blend of clay, hay, and recycled materials. Applied in more than five layers to a wooden structure, ZTISTA creates a textured, vibrant surface. The act of applying this sustainable material, allows for the creation of an object that absorbs and transmits a living energy. The result is a series of objects beyond functionality, but a collection of designs that reflects the spirit and wisdom of the land where they come from.

Marta (Los Angeles) will make its debut at Design Miami/ as part of the Curio program, presenting an exhibition by Lagos, Nigeria-based designer Nifemi Marcus-Bello titled Oríkì (Act II): Tales by Moonlight. This is the ’second act’ of a series the designer presented with Marta earlier this year in Los Angeles. The presentation consists of functional sculptures formed in an auto-parts foundry in Lagos, constructed in sand-cast aluminum. The works interrogate issues of globalization, production chains and supply-and-demand dynamics – reflecting Marcus-Bello’s interest in the cottage industry that has emerged in West Africa to fabricate the parts needed for the second-cycle cars that arrive in the region from America and Europe, and the questions it raises around the life-cycle of materials in our global society. It is named after the eponymous, beloved children’s television series, Tales by Moonlight, aired from 1984–2002 on Nigerian TV.

Maison Gerard (New York) will respond to the curatorial theme Where We Stand through an exploration of human connection by placing a spotlight on contemporary women designers from eight countries. Tel Aviv-based designer, Ayala Serfaty, whilst known for her lighting designs, explores her craft in new realms through the creation of her debut table, Janus, created through digital technology and Italian bronze casting. Lebanese designer Aline Hazarian will present her bronze ensemble of tables, a mirror, and sconces. Meanwhile, Carol Egan will display works from her new Power Structure collection, inspired by nature’s dynamism.

Continuing the focus on women designers, Hostler Burrows (New York/Los Angeles) will present new work by a selection of contemporary Nordic artists and designers, spanning from emerging to established. Notable highlights will include an entirely hand-crafted ceramic beaded chair by Loewe Craft Prize finalist Marianne Huotari; new glass sculptures by Hanna Hansdotter; and recent sculptural works by Kristina Riska

In approaching the curatorial theme Where We Stand, many galleries took to acknowledging our shared environment, through works that celebrate natural forms and materials.

Adrian Sassoon (London) will make its debut at Design Miami/ with a presentation of contemporary glass and metalwork from its roster of international designers. Curated under the title Nature by Design, the display will not only present extraordinary craftsmanship, but also illustrate how designers respond to the natural world. Highlights include Vezzini & Chen’s lighting designs. The duo, recognised for their seamless marriage of hand carved ceramics and blown glass, present a collection that treads a fine line between function and conceptual. The sculptural hand-crafted glass lighting designs explore themes of repetition, texture, and geometry, inspired by the biodiversity of the sea and arrangements that replicate growth patterns of plants. Silversmith Hiroshi Suzuki, will display works inspired by the elements. Created by hammering sheets of silver, Suzuki presents sinuous vessel-forms, transforming rhythms he observes in nature, such as a rush of wind or the spread of a flame, into tangible designs. 

Sarah Myerscough Gallery (London) will present a curated vignette with the aim to nudge at memories of tranquility found in nature. Across a melody of natural textures and hues, this presentation of museum-quality functional design will be centered around innovative, sustainable, and restorative practices. Highlights include a new series of 3D printed vessels by Gareth Neil, titled Echo. Utilizing natural sand, Neil creates a series of vessels that present exaggerated forms, from the miniature to the ​ monumental. The fluid, yet solid, material allows for endless configurations, offering Neil the opportunity to materialize designs that are unattainable in wood. The curation will also include a cascading, organic-twisted set of carved pendant lights by Nic Webb, alongside a sprawling wall installation of organic forms created from blushing maple by Julian Watts.

The Curio program will see studio Aqua Creations (Englewood) present Bodies of Water - an exhibition inspired by organic and sculptural shapes found in nature and the aquatic world, spotlighting the need for critical action to secure a brighter future for the natural ecosystem. The studio’s presentation will feature one-of-a-kind collectible design pieces specifically commissioned for this year’s edition of Design Miami/. Spanning floor lamps, pendant lights, wall installations, sculptural works, and furniture, each design calls for a celebration of the beauty of the natural world.

Amongst the highlights of this year’s nineteenth edition of Design Miami/ is a celebration of time-honored techniques, tradition, and craft.

Ateliers Courbet (New York) returns to Design Miami/ to present a curated display that highlights a selection of contemporary design pieces by eight artists, all underpinned by principles that value a circular economy whilst honoring traditional craftsmanship. Each designer locally sourced raw materials, then utilized time-honored techniques to carve, shape, and form the organic matter into a design that respects its origin. The final result is a collection of objects that exude a sense of harmony and integrity. The selected pieces welcome visitors to embark on a sensory journey through the different regions of the designers - from Pieter Maes’s hand-crafted Meridienne sofa inspired by the organic folds and curves of a human body, to Ethan Stebbins’s hand-crafted Wabi Sabi bed, utilizing Japanese time-honored techniques of interlocking joinery with hand-cut and chiseled local materials. 

Atelier Ecru (Ghent) will debut at Design Miami/ with a display that celebrates timeless furniture and collectible design objects that reflect the best of Belgian craftsmanship. The display will showcase pieces that uphold high-quality craftsmanship, spotlighting the unique approach Belgian designers and artists take to materiality. Each piece on display will tell a story, whether it's the inspiration behind the design or the materials used to create it.

Diletante42 (Sao Paolo) will also take a hyper-local focus through presenting iconic works that display the best of Brazilian design. Highlights include a prototype of modernist architect Lina Bo Bardi’s Bowl Chair. The prototype stands as a testament to time, retaining its original upholstery and materials, preserving the essence of the 1950s. Meticulously crafted through exhaustive research into Bardi’s technical drawings and personal sketches, the prototype presents a first-of-its-kind testament to Bardi’s unique creative vision. The prototype exists in the company of one other version, which is currently located in the esteemed Bardi Institute. ​ ​

æquō (Mumbai), India’s first collectible design gallery, will make its debut at Design Miami/ with a curated selection of pieces from its new collection Panna by Creative Director Florence Louisy. Louisy’s Panna encompasses an array of sculptural pieces, crafted through the art of folding diverse materials - from copper oxidized in Jaipur, and burnt pieces enameled in Alibag, to soft Kashmiri felt. At its core, Panna is a profound tribute to India’s rich craft heritage, and a considered blend with contemporary design. Panna will be presented alongside works by Cédric Courtin, Wendy Andreu, Valeriane Lazard, Frédéric Imbert and Boris Brucher, all of which, whilst unique in their own right, are united by an exploration of materiality and craft.

First-time exhibitor, Galerie Mélissa Paul (London) will present a thoughtfully curated exhibition, presenting designs that challenge the boundaries of functional art - providing a glimpse of the voices that are currently redefining contemporary collectible design. Renowned historical designers will be in dialogue with contemporary artists, to celebrate the art of living and the power of design to transcend the limitations of utility into high art. Highlights include Bertrand Créac’h’s Louange III sculpture, which depicts an abstracted exploration of the mineral landscapes of Brittany, where Créac’h grew up. 

Where We Stand encourages looking towards our shared future, many galleries responded to this by considering historic icons, and their invaluable contributions to the present day design landscape.

Bernard Goldberg Fine Arts (New York) will present significant historical designs from the early 20th Century. Marking its debut at Design Miami/, the presentation will display works by iconic names including an important Frank Lloyd Wright chandelier from his Browne's Bookstore Commission, alongside a Tiffany Glass Mosaic directly from his studio. Nicola D’Asenzo’s large art deco glass installation will be on display alongside a selection of chair designs by Josef Hoffman spanning 1900-1910. 

Moderne Gallery (Philadelphia) will present an exhibition devoted to historic designs from the 20th century in conversation with contemporary works from the 21st century. A major focus will center around the significant works of George Nakashima. Meanwhile, Lebreton (Monaco) will present a unique collection of ceramics from the French Riviera, spanning the 1950s to 1980s alongside a unique selection of furniture by major French designers including Suzanne Ramie and André Aleth-Masson.

Friedman Benda (New York/Los Angeles) will respond to the curatorial theme Where We Stand through a conversation between historic and contemporary designers. The designs on display are united by their invitation to consider slow and contemplative interaction, emphasizing simplicity, elegance, and asymmetry of organic forms. Works by the likes of Wendell Castle and Bruno Gambone will be presented alongside Faye Toogood and Byung Hoon Choi. The exhibition will present an international array of designers who, coming from vastly different trajectories, all arrive at the same appreciation of design and material sensibility. 

In acknowledging the critical role of design in carving the future, many galleries focus on the significance of materiality and the hand of technology.

Cristina Grajales (New York) will present an immersive vignette, inviting visitors to walk through a garden-like scene. The presentation will be centered around 3D printed light fixtures designed by Virginia San Fratello. Coated in an inviting texture and vibrant hues of yellow, pink, and orange, these luminous pieces elicit intense feelings of joy. The lighting fixtures will be displayed in a manner that carves a path through the presentation; meanwhile, Sam Baron’s delicate porcelain works will be laced between the glowing totems. The result will be a conversation between the carefully sculpted polished curves of Baron’s work, and the furry, brightly colored shapes of San Fratello’s lights. Through placing these strikingly contrasting works in conversation together, an emphasis is placed on the materiality of the designs, and invitation to engage with the contrasting textures.

Ippodo Gallery (New York) continues its mission to present the works of Japanese makers, through an exhibition that places an emphasis on human craftsmanship and materiality. The objects on display respond to today’s fast-paced society that experiences frequent transformations. Highlights include Susumu Shingu’s elegantly engineered sculptures that shift and change depending on the state of wind and gravity. Shingu’s kinetic sculptures oppose the perception that the world around us is static, welcoming frequent transformations whilst also acknowledging the surrounding nature.

This year’s Curio program welcomes the return of Tuleste Factory (New York), with a presentation titled The Zone. The Zone will investigate the possibility of creating a fusion between the present and future, of luminosity and vastness, of technology and physical materials. It will explore the possibility that there may be many parallel worlds out of sight that are not accessible to the human eye. Inspired by cinematic gems that have a teleportive effect such as 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Skin I Live In, The Zone will present a metaphorical space that proclaims innovation, and appeals to concentration and motivation through the prism of luxurious comfort. Floor-to-ceiling illuminated resin tiles and stairs will profess the precision and delicacy of design working in symbiosis with function. Materials such as stone, glass, resin, wood, velvet and leather will enhance the sense of experimentation and bring a state of creativity upon entering The Zone.

Additional Programming Highlights/

Kohler x SR_A Create Limited-Edition Faucet to Launch at Design Miami/ 2023
Kohler Co.
, in collaboration with award-winning British artist and designer Dr. Samuel Ross and his industrial design studio SR_A, will unveil a breakthrough limited-edition Kohler x SR_A Formation 01 faucet at Design Miami/ 2023. The product’s striking angles, and industrial bold Haptic Orange color defy the traditional design and performance of a bathroom faucet. Ross’s avant-garde artistic approach, combined with Kohler’s 150-year legacy of innovation and craftsmanship has resulted in a boundary-pushing design, transforming daily engagement with water solutions. The new limited-edition faucet is cast as one singular, sculptural object, as opposed to traditional finish plating processes. Formation 01 sets new expectations for the ritual of water. 

Maestro Dobel Artpothecary Presents ‘Oaxaca: A Lens on Tradition & Innovation’
Maestro Dobel Tequila
 will return to Design Miami/ as the Official Tequila partner, and will present its third annual Artpothecary thematic: Oaxaca: A Lens on Tradition & Innovation. Centered around honoring Oaxaca’s rich heritage, traditions, and contemporary craftsmanship through an intimate and collaborative experience, the thematic was created at the direction of Artpothecary Creative Director and Anónimo Colectivo founder Alejandra Martinez, alongside Oaxacan-based artists Javier Reyes and Marissa Naval. Together through their works, the artists have created a space which will transport guests to Oaxaca and offer a selection of smooth Maestro Dobel Tequila cocktails, specifically created in homage to the region. 

Maison Perrier-Jouët presents ‘The Pollination Dance’ in collaboration with Fernando Laposse
Returning Partner, Maison Perrier-Jouët will collaborate with renowned Mexican artist and designer Fernando Laposse to present a dynamic installation, spotlighting the key role played by the flower in a series of remarkable relationships within the ecosystem, notably the process of pollination. Encouraging meditation, observation and reflection, the installation will carry the designer's unique and poetic design vision whilst reflecting the Maison's keen interest in the role that all living species play within the ecosystem.

Miami Design District presents ‘Utopia’ By Bohinc Studio ​
The Miami Design District in collaboration with Design Miami/ Curatorial Lab, are pleased to present Utopia by designer Lara Bohinc, winner of the neighborhood’s 2023 Annual Design Commission. Utopia is a sculptural installation of irregular, bulbous forms crafted from environmentally friendly and naturally waterproof cork, imagining a city where humans and nature thrive in harmony. Presented across the Miami Design District’s public spaces and at the entrance of the Design Miami/ fair, the irregularly shaped sculptures assume function: to sit, play, and gather – encompassing outdoor seating, tables and oversized light sculptures. Additionally, 900 hanging egg-shaped birdhouses will be dispersed throughout the Miami Design District’s trees, providing shelter for wildlife, while a centerpiece egg-form will provide a playful refuge for small children. At night, the solar-powered sculptures will create an atmospheric glow.

SCAD presents designs by alumni from its leading jewelry program
As the fair’s official university partner, SCAD presents designs by alumni from its leading jewelry program, the largest in the US. The designers pair extensive knowledge of materials and techniques to create wearable innovations that explore themes and motifs ranging from the natural world to illusionary geometric patterning to whimsical object appropriation. Displayed within an installation of grand-scale tassels by textile designer Paola Maldonado, designers on show include alumni from 2007 to 2023: Shuoyuan Bai, Seth Carlson, Xinia Guan, Miao He, Xun Liu and Andrea Ortiz.

Audi presents the Q8 e-tron
Through their progressive aesthetic, Audi is shaping the future of design and premium e-mobility. As the Official Automotive Partner of Design Miami/, they will be providing a shuttle service to Member cardholders in the Audi Q8 e-tron throughout the week. This continued partnership follows previous services offered at Design Miami/ in Miami Beach, Basel, Paris and Shanghai. Audiences can discover how Audi is working to create a more sustainable, innovative, and inclusive future at or

Ginori 1735 presents REBORN PROJECT curated by Frédéric Chambre
Ginori 1735
will present the fourth edition of REBORN PROJECT curated by Frédéric Chambre at this year’s edition of Design Miami/. Developed as part of the GINORI ARTE Collection, REBORN PROJECT calls international artists and designers to transform and reinterpret white porcelain tableware and iconic objects from Ginori 1735, into unique and irreplicable pieces of art and design. The presentation at Design Miami/ will welcome works by 10 international artists selected by Chambre. 

Design Miami/ is pleased to announce returning Partner FENDI who will present Fendibackfrontals by BLESS. Birkenstock will debut at Design Miami/ with an immersive brand experience.

Meanwhile, JUSTIN Vineyards & Winery, home to America’s #1 Luxury Cabernet, has landed at Design Miami/. The Central Coast, California winery brings its world-class wines to the Design Miami pop-up cafe by Michael's Genuine Bistro inside the fair. Guests will enjoy tastes of the bold and elegantly full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon, refreshing Rosé, and the light and bright Sauvignon Blanc.

Basic.Space (Los Angeles) presents THOMME by Nick Thomm & Neo-Naturalism by Dr. Woo x niceworkshop
Curated digital marketplace Basic.Space will present an exhibition of multi-hyphenate artists and designers at Design Miami/. Works by artist Nick Thomm’s inaugural furniture line THOMME will occupy one side of the presentation, alongside designs created in collaboration between South Korean designer niceworkshop and tattoo artist Dr. Woo. While Thomm’s furniture expresses the artist’s colorful visual language in functional resin forms, niceworkshop’s minimalist aluminum designs are hand-engraved with Dr. Woo’s drawn tattoo artwork. The contrast of the vibrant objects by THOMME and the reductionist metal pieces by Dr. Woo x niceworkshop will explore a dialogue between artist-turned-designer and artist-meets-designer projects.

HAADA (New York) presents ‘Marina Abramovic: Chairs for Human and Spirit Use’
will present Marina Abramovic: Chairs for Human and Spirit Use. Marking a novel path in Marina Abramovic’s legendary body of work, the chairs presented at Design Miami/ will foray into the world of collectible design, serving as a meditation on the value of functional objects beyond their physical dimensions, instead concentrating on their metaphysical qualities. The idea that physical objects might be created only to serve spiritual functions is a powerful provocation in today’s ravenous consumer society, offering the design community a timely reexamination of the perception of objects through a spiritual lens.

Villa Albertine & Mobilier National present Atelier George, Atelier d’Offard, Chloé Bensahel, Gala Espel and Dimitry Hlinka
Villa Albertine
and the Mobilier National are delighted to present an exhibition curated by Alban Roger platforming five rising stars of the French design scene: Atelier George, Atelier d’Offard, Chloé Bensahel, Gala Espel, and Dimitry Hlinka. The designers are participants of Villa Albertine’s residency program, offering a refined aesthetic that renews the legacy of age-old French craftsmanship. Each project is rooted in a reinvented artisanal technique, blending organic shapes and futuristic lines and curves. 

Inspired in Barcelona and Illacions Gallery present ‘A New Decorum’
Inspired in Barcelona
and Illacions Gallery have invited seven Barcelona-based luminaries to create a constellation of design objects investigating the notion of contemporary hospitality. Celebrating the vibrant spirit and natural hues of the Mediterranean landscape, the participating designers respond with sustainably minded, contemporary craftsmanship rooted in traditional artistry, embracing the ability of design to foster new connections. The presenting designers are Antoni Arola, Gonzalo Guzmán, Sanna Völker, TAKK (Mireia Luzárraga + Alejandro Muiño), Turbina (Minerva Capdevila + Mateo Fumero), Jordi Ribaudí, and Josep Vila Capdevila.

Design Miami/, Anava Projects, and Books & Books present The Book of Love: A Fundraiser Supporting the Right to ReadIn response to reactionary book bans proliferating across the US, Design Miami/ is collaborating with Anava Projects and Books & Books to produce The Book of Love, a fundraiser supporting the right to read. The initiative has invited esteemed design creatives from around the globe to create works on paper that celebrate the most besieged titles from recent bans. The resulting works will be unveiled at Design Miami/ and sold by Books & Books onsite and online to raise funds for the Books & Books Literary Foundation.

Aman (London) will make its Design Miami/ debut with a Special Project where the revered hospitality and lifestyle brand will present a new division and with this unveiling, its first collaboration with an internationally acclaimed architectural visionary.

This year’s Design Talks/ Theater will be presented by USM Modular Furniture. Talks programming at Design Miami/ will expand on the fair theme through workshops and discussions with international thought leaders that explore whose stories are told and how, through design. Wexler Gallery will present a conversation on expanding the design canon with a powerhouse lineup that includes Alisa Chiles, Jomo Tariku, Malene Barnett, Julia Halperin, Norman Teague, and Hamed Ouattara. Design Akademie Saaleck will present a student-focused workshop and a public-facing conversation exploring monuments, featuring the likes of Germane Barnes, Adam Nathaniel Furman, Jha D Amazi, and Nina Cooke John. And RISD President Crystal Williams will lead a conversation spotlighting exceptional women in design who place community building at the heart of their work. And so many more.


Design Miami/ 2023 Galleries/

Adrian Sassoon, London
Aequo Gallery, Mumbai ​
Ateliers Courbet, New York ​
Atelier Ecru Gallery, Ghent
Bernard Goldberg Fine Arts, New York ​
Carpenters Workshop Gallery, London/Paris/New York/Los Angeles ​
Charles Burnand Gallery, London ​
Cristina Grajales, New York ​
David Gill Gallery, London ​
Diletante42, Sao Paolo ​
Friedman Benda, New York/Los Angeles ​
Galerie BSL, Paris ​
Galerie Mélissa Paul, London ​
Galerie Negropontes, Paris ​
Galerie Patrick Seguin, Paris ​
Galerie SCENE OUVERTE, Paris ​
Gallery FUMI, London ​
Hostler Burrows, New York/Los Angeles ​
Ippodo Gallery, New York ​
Jason Jacques, New York ​
Lebreton, Monaco ​
Magen H Gallery, New York ​
Maison Gerard, New York ​
Mercado Moderno, Rio de Janeiro ​
Mindy Solomon Gallery, Miami ​
Moderne Gallery, Philadelphia ​
Ornamentum, Hudson, New York ​
R & Company, New York ​
Sarah Myerscough Gallery, London ​
SIDE Gallery, Barcelona ​
Southern Guild, Cape Town ​
The Future Perfect, New York/Los Angeles ​
Todd Merrill Studio, New York ​
Twenty First Gallery, New York ​
Wexler Gallery, Philadelphia/New York

Design Miami/ 2023 Curios/

AGO Projects, Mexico City
Aqua Creations, Bat Yam/Englewood ​
Bea Interiors Design by Bea Pernia, Miami
Elisabetta Cipriani, London ​
Emma Scully Gallery, New York
Harry Nuriev, Paris/New York
J. Lohmann Gallery, New York
Marta, Los Angeles ​
Rademakers Gallery, Amsterdam ​
Raise the Moral, Los Angeles
Room 57 Gallery, New York ​
Superhouse, New York ​
Tuleste Factory, New York
Victoria Yakusha, Kyiv and Brussels
Bea Interiors Design, Miami
Raise the Moral, Los Angele

Design Miami/ 2023 Partners/

Alkemis Paint Lab
B&B Italia
Ginori 1735
Kohler ​
JUSTIN Vineyards & Winery
Maestro Dobel
Maison Perrier-Jouët
Miami Design District
Michael’s Genuine Bistro
Private Client Select
Sevan Biçakçi
Soho House
Stephen Webster

Design Miami/ 2023 Special Projects/
Anava Projects and Books & Books
Inspired in Barcelona and Illacions Gallery
Villa Albertine and Mobilier National

Schedule of Events/
Tuesday, December 5, 2023
​Members Preview/ 11am–12pm
​Collectors Preview/ 12pm–7pm
​Press Preview/ 2pm-7pm

Wednesday December 6, 2023
​VIP Preview/ 11am–1pm

Public Show Days/
Wednesday December 6/ 1pm–7pm
​Thursday December 7/ 11am–7pm
​Friday December 8/ 12pm–7pm
​Saturday December 9/ 12pm–7pm
​Sunday December 10/ 12pm–6pm

Visiting the fair/
To learn more about the 19th edition of Design Miami/, please visit

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